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Please restart automatically when WiFi reconnects after data guard is activated

Paddy Landau 9 лет назад обновлен Ralph 8 лет назад 1
Sometimes, my phone briefly drops its WiFi connection. Unfortunately, even if the drop is for only a second, XiiaLive Pro turns on its data guard, and the streaming stops.

Please would you allow XiiaLive Pro to automatically restart if WiFi is reconnected within a specified time after data guard turns on.

I would suggest that the specified time be a configurable option within Settings; my proposal is that the allowed values could be anywhere between 1 and 60 minutes, or (the default) zero to turn this feature off.

Thank you.
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Hi there! Apologies for our late response. If I may ask, are you still experiencing this issue? We recently released a new version This release improved various things and included a change that might actually resolve this issue. Any issues, please let me know. Thanks!

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