Purchased Version Not Fully Updated

Zan 13 years ago updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 13 years ago 4

I purchased XiiaLive off the Android Market months ago, and was quite pleased with the app. Yet after some use, I came to see that it was missing something very useful, and as such I made a post here on the support / suggestion forums about it.

This was the absence of any type of Forward / Backward / Random functionality within the Favorites list. Much later this seemed to have been put into XiiaLive with the 2.1.6 update, but when I updated and started using the app, those features were still missing, and still are with the current 2.1.7 update.

Question is how can I get that functionality going if the app / server does not think I have the purchased version? I am not sure how I can "prove" that I do have the purchased version at all. Let me know.

Mat Eggert
Hi Mat,
Thanks for reaching us about your inquiry!  Well, the update comments weren't that great on our side...  Essentially you can skip your favorites using the prev/fw buttons via headset media controls or Bluetooth media control.  We are adding a new widget this next update that will have buttons to easily skip your favorites.  I do realize such important feature is actually missing from the main player.  We are currently planning a revamp of the player so that could be out in the second to upcoming update.
Ah, ok. Thanks for the reply, look forward to the next updates. Keep up the good work!


I was impressed with the performance of XiiaLive lite, that i went ahead and purchased the full version...only to find that the full version doesn't connect to any station at all.

"unable to connect !" is the error i get for every station, i tried rebooting the phone, but didn't solve the problem, please resolve this issue.

Version : 2.2.2



The SHOUTcast radio directory has been having issues in the past few days.  They are currently trying to resolve this issue.  Once resolved you shouldn't have this issue anymore.  Sorry about the inconvinience! :(