Can't stream AAC stations [HTC explorer and Rezound]

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Xiialive beta doesn't stream aac streams ,when I try to play it shows prebuffering preparing play list etc it shows the station name 28kbps etc then shows android media failure 1 unknownIt plays perfectly with xiialive stable release with internal engine onIn beta I've tried to change stream engine to stable beta and fmeg, but it doesn't play in any of them... If beta will become the next release please fix it before final releaseUsing HTC explorer rooted with stock ROM 2.3.5

HTC Explorer [Stock ROM 2.3.5]
HTC Rezound [2.3.4]
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Thanks for the feedback! The beta we now call Internal stream engine => FFMpeg.  Try changing it to FFMpeg and make sure you stop playback completely.  Than restart playback.  It should work since it is the same engine as the official release.  

Also, could you reproduce the issue using the Android (Stable) stream engine and capture the logs? Hopefully I can see how to resolve that.  To capture the logs is really easy.



yeah thanks it workMy log data has been sent to support@xiialive.comAlso I think the market link to send log is broken...have a look on it as well
Ok, so using FFMpeg engine you are able to stream correct? Thanks for the logs! I did see where things are not working on your phone.  I have created a bug ticket and we'll see if we can get this resolved.
yes Ffmeg worked! however I had to restart the app before it works!
Perfect, thanks for letting me know! :)
Please let me know if you are able to stream MPEG and/or AAC audio format stations. This should help me target where it's happening.  Also, if you can reproduce the issue and right away capture the logs on your phone it could help me see what could be causing this issue.

To capture the logs is very easy:
I have gotten beta working but can not use xaiilive stream engines I can get the current ralsoelease to only work with xiialve stream engines I also have found resound has 2 sdcards /sdcard is the sim added one then mine I added to phone /sdcard2 xiialive beta and paid for current put all backups on /sdcard no way to get to point to my huge sdcard2
Got the logs. Thanks! I see where things are going bad will investigate a bit more soon. Mean while you could try using the internal stream engine. You can turn it ON under xiialive settings.
With the set rings mentioned I can get aac and mp3 to play. I play stations from SKY FM