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Last.fm scrobbles never submit

Mike Klotz il y a 8 ans mis à jour par Ralph il y a 8 ans 3

Using XiiaLive Pro, when scrobbling to last.fm with the official Last.fm android app, the song shows as "scrobbling" on the device and on my last.fm profile, but the song never actually gets recorded (the number of scrobbles doesn't increase)

Scrobble set to ON

Data Guard:Off

AVRCP Metadata: ON

IcyMetadata: ON

No other scrobbling apps are installed to interfere.

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Hello Mike! The main reason why scrobbling wasn't working was do to a bug in the last.fm app. In order to get it to scrobble working again you must turn off AVRCP metadata feature on XiiaLive. Simply go to Settings->App Control and set AVRCP metadata to OFF.

Thanks for the quick reply Ralph. I have tried to set AVRCP Metadata to off, and I am still experiencing the same issue. I tried a reboot on my phone as well.

Hi Mike! We do apologize for any inconvenience. We'll be forwarding this to our developers so they can take a look on this issue of yours. We do appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you so much!