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Can't connect to Clyde1. I get the 403 http forbidden message.

keyshawnh 8 years ago updated by Ralph 8 years ago 5

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Under review

Hello! Just to verify, are you referring to this station http://www.clyde1.com/ . Can you please also provide us the exact radio station name so we can reproduce the issue on our end and check if we'll be having the same error message as yours. Thank you!

Thanks Ralph! The frequency in 102.5FM if that helps. I only know the station as Clyde1 out of Glasgow.

Icy-e-bl-07-boh.sharpstream.com is the address that has worked before. Hope that helps!

Sharp-stream.com that is, sorry!

Hello! Apologies for any delay in getting back to you. We have tried to look for the station all over and we're receiving the same error message. The said station is currently blocking access using the app. We highly recommend that you contact the station and ask them to unblock the station access. We do appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you!