Next/Previous buttons no longer work correctly

Hoff 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 10

The recent fix to make the next/previous buttons smarter seems to have broken existing functionality. It seems to now completely ignore the setting "App Control -> Player Next/Prev". I have always used it set to "Playlist" but now the next/previous buttons choose Favorite Stations instead of advancing in the playlist.

In case it's relevant, I don't use Favorite stations because you can't play them based on category or group them in any way. So I have a few stations that are actually playlists, each with dozens of related stations. So I can load the "Talk" or "Rock" station, and then use the next/previous buttons to navigate the stations without mixing genres.

The fact that Xiia was able to do this was why I bought the app to begin with, it seems to be overlooked functionality in most music apps. But up until the most recent update, it worked perfectly in Xiia.

I've been able to get around it temporarily by using another app ( Llama ) to create a "fast forward" button on my desktop. That seems to do what "Next" used to do. However, that's not as nice as the widget and also doesn't address the same issue happening on the lock screen music control. It's also now always selecting the next station instead of the next playlist item.

Just a note about what it used to do... Before this fix, there was already an inconsistency in how the widget buttons worked in relation to the setting in "App Control". The lock-screen widget would honor that setting and work as expected. However, the desktop widget has never worked correctly. It has always looked for the next station regardless of the setting. So I would just use the lock-screen widget to get the desired behavior.

But with both of them now ignoring the setting in "App Control", it almost seems that instead of fixing the 'desktop' widget, the 'lock screen' widget has now been broken as well.

Please investigate and fix if possible. I love this app and recommend it to everyone I meet. But this change in functionality has really limited it for me :(



Fixed on v3.3.1.12! Currently update released to beta testers. Will be out in a couple days to everyone.


The buttons in the notification area and lock screen are now working correctly, like the buttons in the main player.

Although, the widget controls still seem broken, they always cycle through Stations and never the playlist. I try to not use those anymore so it's not a big deal :) I've just switched to the tag-widget so I don't accidentally use them. But consistency would be nice, unless there's a reason they are supposed to be different.

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Hello Hoff! We do thank you for your feedback. Can you please confirm which parts of the prev/next button doesn't work? At this stage the widgets aren't respecting the app control and this is a known bug and our developers will be releasing a fix on this. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The latest updates do not seem to have fixed the problem, at least not for me. It's working as expected inside the player but not anywhere else.

I sometimes use the lock screen control, or the notification widget, and sometimes use shortcuts I've created ( with Llama ) that send Next/Previous media player commands to the system.

The Fast Forward/Rewind media commands seem to work like I would expect the next and previous commands to work. But of course, that doesn't help me on the lock screen or in the notification area.

Generally, I use m3u playlists that have streams broken up by genre; dance, talk, rock, etc... and I have a bunch of streams in each one. And though I do have some stations that are just a stream of its own, the majority of my stations are these m3u playlists I'm referring to.

For example, if I'm listening to my dance.m3u playlist, and hit the next button in any of the aforementioned widget controls, I am hoping it would go to the next stream in the dance playlist. But instead, it moves to talk.m3u or one of my other playlists.

In case it matters, I'm using a Samsung Note 4 on Verizon. This is only the second app I've ever bought and I completely love it. But this new change has made it fairly unusable for me because I use it in the car as a stereo. And when I want to change of station, I am forced to get past the lock screen and open the app to move to the next stream.. which can be difficult while driving.

Also, I don't know if this matters, but these playlists are also retrieved over the internet. Like www.somewebsite.com/radio.pl ... ( just a made-up example but you get the idea ). I don't want to give the real URL becausemy domain name is kind of dirty :-) It's a perl script I wrote for my own site that randomly generates these playlists.

Anyway, I've rambled enough. I really love this app and hope that I've given you enough info to replicate the issue. Thank you.

Hi Ralph, I to am having issues with Next and Previous buttons, they only go one station in either direction no matter how many times you click either button.

I have a OnePlus 3 running 6.0.1, Nexus 7 running 6.0.1, and another custom device running 5.1.1 all with the same issue.

XiiaLive Pro v3.3.1.10-30054, my Player next/prev is set to Favorites.

I have tried clearing cache, data, and completely reinstalling without success.

Under review

Thanks Ian for provided info. From what you are explaining your issue is, I believe that next/prev is working as expected. Essentially next will go to the next favorite station and prev will go to the previous favorite station.

I might not be understanding 100%. How many favorite stations do you have? So you aren't able to cycle through all your favorite stations?

Could you let me know where you are triggering the Next/Prev?

  • Bluetooth device
  • Home widget
  • App notifications widget
  • Player page
  • Lock screen player

Currently the Next/Prev will only ever go 1 station in either direction no matter how many times you tap the button. It used to go endlessly through the list no matter how many times you tapped the buttons.

I have 9 favorite stations. I've tried bluetooth, player page, and home widget. Bluetooth was a Kenwood stereo system for my car, but I've since changed to mainly using the app's player page itself for everything.

I have this sane issue, only happens since this update, normally you could keep pressing next to go to your station, now you have to wait for it to connect to each station.


Ah perfect! Now I see exactly the problem. Will be fixed next update!


Fixed on v3.3.1.12! Currently update released to beta testers. Will be out in a couple days to everyone.

Thank you very much :)

Now we could use android auto support, did you know ford is adding it to every 2017 model, as well as updates for 2016 models with sync 3 ;)

By the way, I should have mentioned this before... I use this app on 4 different devices and the behavior is identical on all of them in my case .

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy S3

LG LG5 tablet

Samsung Galaxy 8 tablet

And some use Wi-Fi, some use LTE or both. It does not seem to make a difference but I thought it might be useful information :-)