Playback controls not working with Pebble watch

Erik Gifford (Ugoff) 8 years ago 0

  1. HTC One M9 + Pebble Time Steel
  2. Android 6.01
  3. Media playback controls on my watch are not recognized by Xiialive Pro at all. They work fine with my BT headset and other media player apps(PowerAmp) work with the watch.
  4. Play/pause controls should control the playback of a stream
  5. Open Xiialive, hit play on the watch

I saw that you had mentioned making better support for Android Wear devices months ago, but the Pebble is not a Android Wear device by itself, although it can interact with that API now. My understanding is the Pebble app relays controls from the media control app on the watch to the currently running media player (in old versions, we had to pick a default player, but that option is long-gone). It works with the other media players I use that support BT controls (PowerAmp, Podcast Addict, Youtube), just not XiiaLive.