NPR.org Program Stream - Unsupported Format e:-31 (XiaLive Pro)

eMGee 8 year бұрын updated by Ralph 8 year бұрын 3

Hello, I'm using the latest version of XiaLive Pro (

I cannot stream either the AAC or MP3 versions of the NPR Program Stream.

The links are as follows:

AAC - http://www.npr.org/streams/aac/live1_aac.pls

MP3 - http://www.npr.org/streams/mp3/nprlive24.m3u

I'm getting "Failed to Connect" on the AAC stream, and Unsupported Format e:-31 on the MP3 stream.

Both streams used to work on previous versions.

Thanks in advance for your help, and all of your hard work on this excellent app!

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Hello! Apologies for any delay in our response. I've tried both links and it works perfectly fine using the app and I didn't encounter any error messages. Can I please have you try to access the links again and let us know if you'll still have the same error. Thank you!

Well interesting... they weren't working last week, but when I use my own links above both are working now. Not sure what changed here, but I guess I'm good to go... was able to listen and add to favorites now!

Thanks for the heads up and for spending time on this!


Hello! Glad to know that it has been resolved. Please don't hesitate to contact us again for any other inquiries. Thank you!