Close XiiaLive Pro app, not just stop playing

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Is it possible to have XiiaLive Pro close at the end of the sleep timer period, not just stop playing? I am using Android 6.0.1. I am having issues with losing the bluetooth connection when the phone goes to sleep while using XiiaLive. I can config XiiaLive to not sleep, but because the app doesn't actually close, the screen stays on until I manually close the app in the middle of the night. I can change the timeout setting in the system settings, but unless I install another app I am limited in how long I can set the timeout.


Very helpful. Unfortunately it is an OS issue, but you may have given me the info I need to get it resolved. Thanks.

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Just looking for a quick reply on whether this is possible now. Can it close the app at the end of the timer period. If not, I will look for another solution.

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Hello! Apologies for any delay in our response. If I may ask, do you have power saving mode enabled on your device? Since this will cause Wifi and most likely bluetooth connections to be disconnected when the screen goes off.

As far as I can tell there is no power saving mode turned on. Under the Battery setting there are two saving modes, Power Saving and Ultra power saving. Neither of them are enabled. I can not find any other setting where a power saving mode is enabled. And I have not installed any apps that do that. This is a new phone for me (Samsung J3), so maybe there is something I'm missing. I also have it set to keep wifi on during sleep. And to be honest I've had some trouble trying to figure out if I'm losing both wifi and Bluetooth, or one or the other. I thought when I was testing it that there was no disruption in playing when I did not use a Bluetooth speaker. In other words, I just used the phone speaker. But I've had some inconsistent results, so now I'm not sure. What I do know for sure, is if I set the screen timeout to Always ON in XiiaLive I have no problem with disconnects. If I could set a longer timeout in Android, or kill XiiaLive when the sleep timer ends I can at least prevent the display from staying on all night, or until I wake up and turn it off myself. I have started using a screen dimming app, but would prefer not having to do that. Thanks for getting back to me.

Hello! Thanks for getting back to us. If I may ask, are you having any issues with your Wifi connection when the screen foes off? Can I please have you try to reproduce the issue on your end then directly trigger a bug report so our developers can check the root cause of this issue. Thank you!

Hi Ralph. Sent bug report. My testing this morning is a little inconsistent with the problem, so not sure how to interpret the results. I do not know if I am having wifi issues in general when the phone sleeps, but this morning I played XiiaLive using wifi through the phone speaker (not playing through Bluetooth speaker). It disconnected once shortly after the display dimmed, but then did not do it again (I only tested for maybe 5 minutes). I then tested using the Bluetooth speaker and it did not drop out at all. However, in both cases I was in a different location than where I usually have the problem, I was closer to wifi. Thinking that might have something to do with it I moved back to the usual location (a bedroom) and started testing using the Bluetooth speaker. After the display dimmed it lost the connection twice within a short period of time before I stopped and sent the bug report. However, using wifi only (no Bluetooth) it did not disconnect at all during the several minutes I listened. Not sure that is always the case. I should also tell you, when it does disconnect while playing through Bluetooth speakers it usually begins playing again within a few seconds (maybe it is buffering?), but it continues to disconnect periodically until it gets too annoying. Thanks again.


Hi Byacreek. Thank you for providing us a bug report. Upon further investigation by our developers. They're seeing here that this is an issue for the Android 6.0.1 wherein it's over doing the battery optimizer causing wifi and bluetooth connections to drop on screen off. We have dig in our resources and unfortunately, there's really nothing we can do about this. Your suggestions are interesting but at this stage, this is not exactly our developers have in mind. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thanks Ralph. You may have pointed me in the right direction. Based on what you said and some other reading I did I found there is an "Optimize battery usage" setting under Battery that allows you to turn on or off battery optimization for specific apps and services. I did find that XiiaLive was set to ON for battery optimization. I have now turned it OFF and will try it out. What I don't know is whether something else also needs to be turned OFF to make it work.

Ralph. It may be the right direction, but making the one change I did, turning off optimization for XiiaLive, did not seem to help. I had the same problems last night. Maybe there is a service for wifi and Bluetooth that I need to change as well, but I don't know what those are. Thanks for your help. I will close this support ticket. If you think of something I would appreciate any suggestions.