Autoplay on Connect, but wait for play command.

energizer 7 years ago 0

I use XiiaLive in my car together with my samsung mini s5. Streaming works great but i have one issue: When i start my car, it always starts in normal radio mode. If i want to hear my phone over bluetooth i need to press "media". I don't always want to listen to internet radio, but when i do, i wish it would start streaming the moment i press the "media" button. (i think my car is sending a play command to the device then). Here's my problem: If i enable "Auto start" in your app, streaming starts immediately in the background after my phone connects to the car. (Even if i just want to listen to normal radio). If i disable "Auto start" then XiiaLive won't start playing when i press "media". I found a workarround: I disabled the "Auto start" option. Another App opens XiiaLive on bluetooth connect. This way XiiaLive starts streaming only when it receives the play command. Unfortunately, that other app doesn't always start XiiaLive and i have no idea why....

I think it would be great if XiiaLive would have 2 options: "Auto Start on bluetooth connect" and "Auto Start but wait for a play command"