Alarm fails to schedule in Beta version

John Frazer 12 years ago updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 12 years ago 2
I am not able to set an alarm in XiiaLive Beta.

I downloaded the app from Google play.
I restore my existing play list from released(paid) version.
I then went to settings, Alarms.
+Add Alarm
changed the time to a couple of hours in the future.
Selected a Station from my play list.
Pressed save.

Error message: Alarm failed to be scheduled!

This is a on an XPERIA X10i v2.3.3 with standard SEMC ROM.

I have now rooted the phone, but the out come is the same as it was on the standard non-rooted version.

Other features in the beta version work OK...that I've looked at.

Setting a wakeup alarm in v3.0.0 works.

Can confirm on my XPERIA X10i v2.3.3 [rooted]  that using the Google Playstore released v3.0.0 (05/09/2012 NOT beta)  of XiiaLive, the alarm now works and can be set.

At the time that alarm is set to, XiiaLive fades in music and starts as one would expect.

This is also the case for the FV-1 Android TV v2.2 [rooted]. Bit surprised this works as it's just a Chinese 'desktop/media' box running Android v2.2.

But given one can set an alarm and it wakes up and plays music one is just happy it works.

Thanks John for letting us know it now works! :)