Auto terminate desktop application when alarm clock stops

rzapf 7 year бұрын 0


Is there an option (or maybe a plan for an option) that the application interface of XiiaLive can be terminated when the alarm clocks stopps playing sound automatically?

I currently use XiiaLive on a small system (Android 5.1 / 1 GB RAM). Typically there is running Kodi for having access to my vidoe library.

To wake up I use currently XiiaLive - so far everything is working fine - XiiaLive is sometimes stuttering when playing "RADIO GONG 97.1", but this does not bother me.

When the alarm is coming up, Kodi is pushed and stopped to background (I assume because of memory). Starting the alarm, Kodi is pushed to background and XiiaLive desktop appears with the "Mute..." Window on top. When the alarm automatically terminates after 30 minutes the mute option disappears but the window and the desktop interface stays.

Is there any option to automatically terminate the desktop application, too.

Would be fine to find Kodi up again after the alarm.

One thing in addition - leaving XiiaLive without stopping the stream manually causes the stream to run and run and run. I have to start XiiaLive again and to stop playing manually. Maybe you can have an eye on this ...

Thanks in advance