Although looses audio focus, instead of stopping XiiaLive Pro app continues to stream in the background.

edward 7 years ago 0


I've wrote the developers an email but since I got no answer from them I will post my issue here as well.

As the title says, I just discovered that on my android 6.0.1 car headunit when another music app gets the audio focus from XiiaLive, the XiiaLive Pro app does not stop or pauses the streaming at all. The streaming continues even if the app is muted draining a lot of data for no reason. On top of that if I want the XiiaLive Pro app to continue playing I need to stop the stream and restart it because even if I stopped the app that stole the audio focus from Xiia the streaming sound does not return on it's own even if I press the play/pause button.

I would like the XiiaLive app to pause automatically when it looses audio focus for a longer period of time... 30 seconds... maybe 1 minute.

Thank you