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I buy xiialive pro. I have two android device. Smartphone and android media player. I buy a pro version xiialive on smarphone. On android media player  I try restore my favorites but on android media player is always horizontal view there is no options for my favorites group by genre. When i try restore favorites newest version on android media player my favorites always go to all not go on by group. Can you fix this? I wont when i restore favorites on newest version by group. How I fix this problem. Please help. I wont favorites group by genre on horizotal view. On android media player is always horizotal  view. Why i pay this? It is not working well. Lots of pepole have android media player and the same problem. You must fix with new update that the horizotal view can favorites group by genre. Please help I pay this.

Is the Pro version available for iPhone?

I don't know it was not my questions.

It's fine. Was just wondering, that's all.