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IPad 2 with IOS 9.3.5. App closes after selecting station

stefan nierwetberg 7 лет назад в iOS обновлен MarcAlbert 6 лет назад 7

Hi there, I have downloaded the new Xiia Free version now running om my IPad 2 with IOS 9.3.5. The App opens I can search for stations but when I find one or take one of the suggest d stations from uber or shoutcast the app closes all the time. A Bug?

I have the same problem on iPad mini1. The app is crashed after the start of playing any station.

I created a message here, but the developers are silent.

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Hey guys, we will look into this. It is likely a issue with iOS 9. Thanks for your patience!

looks like bad assumptions or missing library link


(Also this message platform ignores image orientation; pic above should be portrait)

same problem on an iPhone 6 plus that has 9.3.5

I'm avoiding any further upgrades to avoid breaking anything else.

Please fix this.

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