App installed to Xomax Car Stereo just 2 Sec. Sound

thedarkfranks 6 years ago 0


I have the Xiiang Pro installed to my Car Radio Xomax 2DA6901 So far it works and it recieves data but. i start the Software and it starts automatically with the last station so far so good but i just hear sound for only 2 Sec. the stream is still running and i can see the progress on screen but no sound.

If i stop it and restart or if i select an other station the same repeat...aprox 2 sec sound and then no noise. but screen looks that playing is normal and progress shows normal playing.

The Android Version installed on Xomax Car Stereo is Android 6.0.1

Does anyone has the same experiences or and good idear what can solve this issue ?

Thank you and cheers