Unable to open pls file

amavarick 7 year бұрын 0

-Huawei 6x

-Android 7.0

-Unable to open PLS or m3u files from baptistradio.net  I cannot play the pls or m3u either by opening link from browser or downloading it and opening.  xiialive will say it failed to connect.  However I can install vlc or another music player and play the same pls or m3u link or downloaded file.  The backend player is icecast http://stream.baptistradio.net:8005/

-This worked at one time with xiialive.  I can copy and paste the m3u/PLS icecast stream URL into xiialive manually and that will work just fine but that's not really a great solution for the vast majority of internet users.

I'm also a beta user and purchased the pro version.  Other than this one issue, I love your player.