problem with AdsWizz advertisement layer

Tom Schafhauser 6 år siden 0

Hi XiiaLive support,

we are munichshardesthits.com, a web radio from Munich, Germany, broadcasting a 24/7 live stream.

We'd like to report a bug (Android OS latest vs, Huawei 9 smartphone, Xiia latest vs). 

We've implemented an AdsWizz layer in our web stream, which crossfades the normal stream, and inserts advertisement every now and then. Afterwards it crossfades back to the normal stream. But unfortunately it does not work well with Xiaa. It does some kind of rewinding, means: after the insertion of advertisement it winds back to the last seconds of the previous song before advertisement.

All other known radio apps (like audials or TuneIn) work properly with our stream. Bummer! Because otherwise Xiia is such a great web radio player. Maybe you can fix it. Thx in between! If you have any further questions about this problem please contact us: mail@munichshardesthits.com

Our broadcasting URL is http://munichhh.stream.vip/live/mp3-128/xiia

The link is registered in the dar.fm data base

best regards from Munich

Tom, Peter & Jürgen


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