New Moto G7 Android Pie Xiialive Pro does not connect to my stream

Colonelbertie 5 ár síðan Uppfært 5 ár síðan 0

Hi Jona, I'm having a bit of a problem, I run a little private station using a shoutcast server on    or the low bitrate version

It used to play fine on my Samsung S5 with Xiialive Pro, on a Moto G5 and also on a HTC 10 but those phones have both died and I went to get me a new Moto G7 Power 2 days ago which has Android Pie, but putting the station into favourites and clicking it just gets the player saying 'preparing' or 'connecting' until it times out.  Sometimes, occasionally, it does play but if you connect to Wifi and then disconnect it stops and will not reconnect. Is this an issue with Xiia, Android Pie, or my new phone (which I will return if it does not work).  It still plays well on the old S5. Any thoughts?

I think it must be something with Xiia/Pie because it defaults to a historic station if you press play, not the favourites station (mine) in the favourites list, and if you press play again it then stops with the message 'playlist empty'. The settings default to favourites but it does not do that, but it used to do it on the previous phones (and still does on the S5)