Not connecting to Car Kit

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What do I need on my BT Car Kit to have it play XiiaLive? My phone already connects to my car kit and works for phone calls but XiiaLive does not play.

XiiaLive does automatically stop steaming when my car is turned OFF.

I'm using the Pro Version.

What BT car kit do you have? Also, what phone and what version of Android is it running?

Some BT car kits are only for phone calls.  They don't support Stereo BT.
It's a chinese unbranded Car Kit that's in my Hyundai IX35.  The phone is an LG Optimus with Android 2.2.2.
Mmm... It might be the case that the car stereo doesn't support BT stereo.  I believe you can verify that by going into your phones BT settings and long pressing the paired BT device to see if Stereo options are even shown.
Hi, Nothing in options about Stereo however there is  media in the profiles section with the description "Use for media audio".  Would that be what you're talking about?
Yes, that is exactly the option.  Is that option selected under profiles?  If it is I would suggest you start playback and toggle that option while its playing.  I know some phones have problems connecting to BT and being able to play music on a few BT car kits.  There is are few compatibility issues with Android.