Numerous new bugs in Android 11

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Have XiiaLive Pro on a OnePlus 7Pro.  Has worked marvelously up until Android 11 when a number of bugs appeared in XiiaLive sad to say.  Reinstallation didn't help.  My favorite player of all for several reasons.  New problems I've noticed:

+ Will no longer Backup Favorites.  Can Restore from an existing BU file however.

+ Won't play HLS streams

+ Won't play some common MP3 or AAC stream types that other players such as WMP and VLC play fine (e.g.,  https://goldenwest.leanstream.co/CHBOFM or https://goldenwest.leanstream.co/CKCLFM-MP3 for instance)

Will be happy to donate more if I know for sure my fav player is still alive.  Hope XiiaLive is still a viable app, please, please.