Radio Glamorize

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It is the international music platform of Bestimage Group and Sound Design Istanbul which has been operating in both culture and creative industries from education to advertising and from design to music. It is a part of the Torq and Glamorize Records with its creative team consisting of DJs, music producers, videographers, sound and visual designers. This collective, which aims to beyond borders in creative industries by supporting the creators of alternative cultures and brings together nearly 50 DJs and music producers, has a tremendous impact over 20 years.

Radio Glamorize is a new generation of music media that brings amateur musicians together with professional producers. You can experience 24/7 non-stop music with Radio Glamorize, through its programs provide Techno, house, ethnic, electronic and many other music styles. Don’t forget to download the Radio Glamorize app to discover the unique rhythms on every hour of the day and enjoy the unique music experience!