Is this app now dead?

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No, it still works and functions but I have noticed that the Twitter backup feature simply does not work, probably hasn't for a few years now. So I'd assume that the plug in for the service was cut, perhaps as a result us low user has? Idk couldn't say for sure. 


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really speaking no not dead, but you'll be hard pressed to try and download it on newer versions of software/OS. I lucked out and was able to installed it before updates for my phone came along. 

Outside of that, you'd best hunt down an APK of the app. 

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Nevermind, it wasn't a backup I was talking about, but simply some sort of music sync feature. Honestly it's probably best to just use Scrobbler, I have one with last FM and the mass connection Scrobbler of Pano and Simple Scrobbler. 

Like I said, best to hunt for the most recent APK file. As of 2017, the most recent update is V.


i tried to restore a backuped version on my pixel 6pro with android 14 but he won't accept installing it.

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