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Problems on HTC evo

Donovan il y a 13 ans mis à jour par Jona (Lead Developer) il y a 13 ans 7
I finally figured out the bug on my htc evo with this software. The app works great on my evo when I have a 4g network once it goes to 3g the app dont work right. It cuts in and out. Is there a fix for this? Thank you. Donovan


I called sprint they said they did something ota to the prl. I think they said they updated it.. Didnt work. My other players work ( slacker, pandora) But yours is definitly better and the one I want to use. Going to call sprint to get the msl code and try that. Thank you. Will update you as to the reslusts.
Yes, fix 2 seems to be usually the way to go... Thanks for your feedback! :)
I must have a bigger issue did all of the settings, they were already at the zeros. Still have the same issue. Do you have any other possible solutions. If not might be a phone issue and I might have to return it to sprint. Thanks
Try streaming first low bitrate radio stations, such as 24kbps up to 64kbps.  Sometimes is possible that the networks internet speed is not fast enough to keep up with the radio station high bitrate.  Most cases full bars doesn't mean full internet speed.  Try some radio stations that are in MPEG and also AAC.  see if they have issue....
seems to work better on the 3g when u go to a station with 32kbps. But are you working on a fix for people with this problem so we can listen to any station instead having to suffer with the low bit rate stations..Thanks
Went to Sprint. All other players (pandora,slacker) streaming ok. Sprint said the reason your app works fine on 4g is because its a faster network and it helps with buffering. But on the 3g network theres not enough bandwith on your server for buffering or something like that. Was talking tech which I am not. in other words 4g good-3g bad.  Hope this helps you look into the issue. I doubt it only cause my expanationstinks but hope it does.
3G provides great streaming capabilities. Generally you could easily stream stations at 320kbps.  Sprint 3G coverage sometimes is crappy.  Maybe your particular location 3G speeds are very low and could be the reason for the slow speeds...