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Bug -- screen locked in "off" mode using Xiialive Pro on Galaxy S4 (sprint, android 4.4.2)

phreich 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 2
New Xiialive Pro user on Galaxy S4 (sprint), having a problem causing partial freezing of phone.

Here is the environment and the symptoms:
1. The phone is running on battery power, is running the latest android update for the phone (sprint CDMA version, currently 4.4.2), is a 16gb version.
2.  While playing a station, and turning off the screen, after a while, the screen will no longer come on when the lock/unlock button is pressed.  The stream continues to play, and the volume control works, the "home" button seems to be recognized, and the "back" and "menu" button light up and may be recognized, but the screen will stay off -- no matter what.  The only option when this occurs is to press and hold the lock/unlock button long enough to power down the phone, and then reboot the phone.  The screen just won't come back on unless I reboot the phone.

The odd thing is that the screen will come on for the first few minutes after it is turned off, but later, somehow freezes in the "off" mode.

This only happens when I am using Xiialive Pro -- not in any other app, so I don't think it's a phone issue.  I do have "media control" turned on, and "lock screen controls" turned on.  I also set the stream engine to "android" in the hope that it will reduce power usage (your help screen says it will).

Are there any logs or other files you would like me to send?

Do you have any suggestions?
Under review
Thanks for all the info about this issue. This sounds very interesting and might be an OS bug. The type of app that XiiaLive is might make it easier for that OS bug to show up.

Could you please let me know what audio format you are streaming? MPEG, AAC or some other one?

There are a couple things we can try to narrow down the potential cause.

1. Disable the lock screen controls and see if you can reproduce the issue.
2. If you still can reproduce the issue switch to the FFmpeg stream engine and enable lock screen controls.

I know our settings mention that Android stream engine might be better than the FFmpeg one but this message is a bit outdated and we need to update it. We highly recommend using our optimized and fast stream engine FFmpeg. I actually notice lower CPU usage and longer lasting battery on my devices. Give it a try.
Okay, I'll try the FFmpeg audio option first and see how that goes.  I'll let you know what happens.

I was listening to "RADIO AFRICA ONLINE" -- I am not sure what format they use.  I also had the problem when I was listening to the feed from KOPB, the oregon public broadcasting radio station feed.

BTW, I was able to get your app running on a windows 7 PC by running the free (for now) windows android emulator "BlueStacks".  BlueStacks is slow to load, but it does run the xiialive app.  The only problem I had with it was that it sends a message back when I click on the "LOCAL" tab that the location service is turned off.  This probably is an issue with BlueStacks, as it doesn't occur on an actual android device.  You might be interested in trying it....  If you can figure a work-around for this issue you might be able to publish it as a way to run on a windows computer!

One other question -- any way to play the following feed?:
It's the feed from an online station called "Portland Radio Project" -- their main page is located at prp.fm.
I tried to decipher some kind of feed URL from looking at the HTML for the web pages, but was unable to.  Any ideas?

One last thought -- It wasn't clear how to add stations not found by doing searches of the two station lists the program uses -- I finally figured it out by seeing that I could "manually" add a "favorite" by entering a URL.  This worked for a station that had a .pls file they pointed to in their web page (imbedded in the player code of their HTML).  It would seem appropriate to put a button on the main player page that would also allow the "playing" of a URL.  Then, once it is running, the "add to favorites" button could be pressed.  I think this might be more straightforward than burying it in the "favorites" tab....  What do you think?