Equalizer Expansion

Tomas Vredeveld 8 year бұрын updated by Rodrigo (Developer) 8 year бұрын 1

I would like to request the equalizer be expanded to a 10 band equalizer. The sound quality between a 5 band and a 10 band is astronomical.

PowerAmp has a very well implemented 10 band equalizer with limiter, stereo expander and fine tune controls if you would like an example to test the difference.

I realize it is an extreme amount of research and work to build a proper working equalizer, especially with a limiter and expander etc. However, if you do go through the work, the rewards are amazing and make the app a huge step above all other apps. Everyone has the crappy limited 5 band equalizer. PowerAmp was the only music player on android that I found that had a working 10 band or better equalizer.

Old Winamp Pro had a 16 band equalizer but it is broken on Android 5.1 as well as it's no longer on the market for new users.



Hi Tomas,

we will keep it in mind for future releases.