Can't find Radio soda stereo el Salvador

grecia 12 years ago updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 10 years ago 2
I wanna find radio soda stereo el Salvador bit I cant find it I was lisenting before on xiialive but now I cant find it. Can you please help me find it I luv that rafio
Open XiiaLive, hit Favorites, add favorite, and paste this link in the box: http://usa8-vn.mixstream.net/listen/8044.pls , hit accept, then enjoy!

Note that this isn't really the right place to ask a station-related question. You need to go to ShoutCast for that, since they manage the database of stations that XiiaLive accesses, but I had some free time, so I figured that I'd help you out.

If you want to thank me, please buy the full version of XiiaLive if you can. The guys that develop this application are awesome, and they could use the help!