How do you get a Playlist into XiiaLive, and how to get it to play?

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XiiaLive says it supports playlists, but I'll be damned if I can find out HOW to get a Winamp playlist into XiiaLive and playing.


Playlist support has gone a long way and should work perfectly on the latest releases of XiiaLive.
I meant having a playlist that you made on your home computer copied over to the phone that has XiiaLive. There doesn't seem to be a way to have the program look for a local file.
You have a very good idea to allow XiiaLive to search for playlists on your phone instead of having to add them manually.
We have added local playlist support on the latest version of XiiaLive 2.1.4. But you would need some type of file explorer to actually click on the playlist to start it up...
I get "playlist not found" when I try to open a .m3u-playlist exported from Mediamonkey.
I am opening the .m3u with Astro which sends it to XiiaLive 2.2.4 (Paid).

I get the same result on a stock Nexus One and a CM9 Alpha Nexus S.

Some of the radio stations in the playlist are paid (DI.fm Premium) but I am able to play them if I add the url manually as a favourite.

Also, if I go to their site (di.fm) and click a station there to open it as mp3 (the same stations/streams in the playlist mentioned above it opens up XiiaLive and tries to connect over and over and "stream engine init failed" us shown.
I'll be investigating this issue to see if I can resolve it.  Thanks for the feedback!
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We will investigate this issue.  It should be possible to play local playlist.

Very easy! :)

1. Open xiialive and press favorites button
2. Touch the last item on the list "add favorite +" and follow the steps :)

Also video tutorial here:

To see the supported formats please go to:
Playlist support has gone a long way and should work perfectly on the latest releases of XiiaLive.
I have problem when use the next / prev buttons. Cannot predict what would be the next station. Seems like if the order followed would be the order in which the stations were addet to favorites. It is any way to order by genre, name, date etc..?
This is specially important to me when listening radio driving in my car. I just can control the player using the next and prev button. Thanks in forward, for your help.

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