Not a bug

URL not working

Ian Batty 13 років тому оновлено Jona (Lead Developer) 13 років тому 4
Typed in a URL, which was accepted.

Cannot see *anywhere* that gives any kind of link to the URL.

Please advise on this.
Expected some attention or reply by next day.

Didn't get one.

Have deleted app from handset and will advise my buddies not to bother with this one.

Note to developers - prompt attention to issues will help to retain users and build a positive picture of your software 'netwide.
Sorry for delayed response... We are not a big company it's just me and my brother that work on this :)
If you can provide the URL or explain the issue a little better we could help you out...
Could you provide the URL?  I'm not sure what you mean that you cannot see anywhere...?