Shortcut to favorite from home screen doesn't work but selecting favorite from player does

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I have XiiaLive Pro.


I have a bunch of favorites saved, and I'd like to make shortcuts to them on my home screen. I know to make these shortcuts, but the problem is that when I use them, XiiaLive Pro fails to connect to them. The problem is not with the station, however, because I can select the exact same favorite from the player itself and the station will load.


The problem is only when starting playback using shortcuts from the home screen.


What's going on?



Issue resolved on release v3.0.1!


Can you try making fresh shortcuts and see if those work? Might be that an old shortcut data has gone stale.  Let me know!

I got the exact same problem when updating to the latest version from v.2. 

After installing version 3 I made fresh shortcuts to my old favorite stations, since trying to use the old ones gives the message "Application is not installed on your phone". 

But the fresh shortcuts doesn't start the stream... I click the shortcut, the app opens in the Player window, it very fast says Connecting, then Fail to connect, then Unexpected stop... it all happens in just one second a few times... then it says "Max retries reached" and nothing more. 

But still it works perfectly to start the same favorite station from the Favorite tab inside the app. 

...Hm I've been fighting this problem about 3 days now and tried it maybe 50 times, without writing a post here since I didn't get any response on my last question... the funny thing is when trying it while writing this post Xiia got totally stuck, it didn't matter if I pressed a shortcut or a favorite station / one of the Top Channels inside the app, it got stuck on Unexpeced Stop (when this happens the Player window says "Unknow" "Unknown song". And when sliding the station info in Player window to open the playlist or what it's called, it says "1. audio/mpeg) even though I clicked the shortcut. 

I then cleared the data in the android settings, and added a fresh favorite... but no luck, it now again is impossible to start playing from the home screen shortcut but works perfectly when started from Favorites inside the app. 

PLEASE give this problem some attention, I've bought and used Xiia for a very long time without any problems, and in the last weeks it's become unusable over night, and I use this app many hours every day :(

Could you backup your favorites and send them to me? I like to verify what is causing these shortcuts to fail.  Send the backup to my email jona@visualblasters.com

From my tests I believe I figured out the cause.

One quick test:

1. Pick a new station from the lists to start playback.

2. Add it as a favorite.

3. Add the new station as a shortcut and verify if it works. (It should)

Then do the following.

1. Pick a new stations from top hits that you never played and add it to favorites using the little dropdown shortcut blue bar.

2. Add the new station as a shortcut and verify it works. (You should see the same errors you are getting)

What it seems to be happening is that when you save a new station to favorites without ever having played it it will fail when used as a shortcut.  The solution is to play it once and then add it as a shortcut.  The reason is that we save only the station id and fetch the playlist when you connect once and we cache that. If the test below work for you then I have a good idea how to resolve this issue.

Thanks, I followed your instructions and it seems to be exactly like you said there. 

And after first playing the favorite stations "inside" the app, before adding it as a shortcut seems to work, and now all my shortcuts seems to work fine again. 

Do you still want me to send the backup of favorites to your email? Or is it not necessary now when I confirmed it works? 

Nice to hear how the problem occurred also, makes it easier to understand the app thanks. 

No need to send me the backup! Thanks for confirming the issue! :) Will try to fix this for next release.


Issue resolved on release v3.0.1!

Hi there,


tried with this favourite-URL: http://newyorkcity.radiostreamlive.com:8014/radionylive_128


But no luck - favourite works, homescreen shotcut (invalid URL) not - any advices?


Please delete the shortcut from homescreen and try adding the shortcut again. Let me know if that fixes the issue. Thanks!


I am getting the same the issue Tablet Paskoff described. Invalid URL from shortcut but favourite works. Tried deleting and recreating shortcut as suggested but no change.

Stream url: http://stream.evehost.net:8080

Hi, tried deleting and new creation with the new version (3025), but the problem persists!