Ligher colored skin, PLEASE!

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Can you guys PLEASE release a skin that's not so dark? I know you have a lot of people asking about it, there was a thread on the XDA forums about this exactly.

Thank you!



XiiaLive v3 now provides Light/Dark skins.

Please make it not just a "light" skin, but one that has more contrast than the current one. It's hard to read any interface, dark or light, when in bright sunlight or at a glance and there isn't enough contrast.
Yes, mainly the reason for lighter skin is to be able to see it during the day...
One more here hoping to see a more contrast skin...

Thanks a lot.
Will be answered

Do you have the link to this thread? We do have a design but our only graphic designer has not had time to finish the light skin that we started months ago.  We are finally getting back on track with the designer and hope we can get the light skin out soon.  Our apologies for taking so long to release a lighter skin...

I would dearly hope to have a lighter skin as well.  Also, especially since you're having issues getting your graphic designer on track for it, is there any chance to open custom skinning to the community?
Is there any update on the lighter skin. It's almost impossible to see any UI controls in this app during daylight. Otherwise, it's a great app!!

Our plans are to have a new lighter skin sometime November 2011.  We already have the design just about ready we are now working details and functionality...

Being a person with a visual impairment, to such a degree that seeing the current 'light text on black background' color scheme is how I have to actually set all my electronics (when at all possible), I'd hope there are plans for users to be able to choose the skin design
Our plans are to provide skin themes. Day and night designs... Maybe in the future provide a skin for visual impairment wouldn't be bad idea.
I much prefer the light, bright colors on a dark background. Plus, please do not use gray as a text color; I can't read it on a light or dark background!

Plus, use bold fonts, please. If I step out into the sunlight, I can't read anything at all on the screen. The original color scheme was perfect.

Maybe you could let people design their own color / font scheme and save it to share with others.
Hey, checkout our latest Beta! It's on the Google Play Market! We have redesigned the app with dark and light skins! We are releasing officially soon. Let me know what you think
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Hey guys thanks for your feedback! We have created a new completely redesigned skin for XiiaLive. You can checkout XiiaLive Beta on the Google Play Market. There you can choose between Light/Dark skins.


XiiaLive v3 now provides Light/Dark skins.

Great app.. Use it 90% of time.. That's why I bought it..Thanks.

One thing though, we need more skin theme options. Classic LIght is nice BUT, it's useless without the back button in landscape mode for me. That's the only rotation I use while in car. Is there any way, you could squeeze a Back button (Back track) ? If it's easy to modify, Maybe shorting the "Playing..." bar and make info Thumb nail even bigger with back button or transparent. But definitely a back button.


Hello Wilson,

Thank you for your suggestion. We will keep more themes in mind for next releases.