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Ignore audio focus on turns off metadata

Tom Beattie 9 years ago updated by Ralph 8 years ago 1
Motorola XT1060 Verizon edition running 4.4.4 stock.  Metadata to my car stereo was working, then it wasn't. Cleared data and it started working again.  I started restoring my desired settings one by one until it stopped working and found that toggling the Ignore Audio Focus on stops the metadata to the bluetooth stereo from working.  I turn off Ignore Audio Focus and the metadata starts working to the car stereo again.  I like to use the ignore audio focus feature so that the music keeps playing while other announcements are going on but I can't until this issue is resolved.
Under review

Hi there! Apologies for our late response. If I may ask, are you still experiencing this issue? We recently released a new version This release improved various things and included a change that might actually resolve this issue. Any issues, please let me know. Thanks!