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Purecut 9 år siden opdateret af Ralph 8 år siden 2
I'm missing the function to select from a multiple stream what kind of stream I want to play. For example Frisky Radio offers AAC and two MP3 streams with different stream quality. In TuneIn I can select what kind of stream I want to here. This function I'm missing in XiiaLive. It takes only the first one and I have no change to switch to my AAC stream. I do not want to go back to TuneIn!
I can only applaud this.

Hello there! We do apologize for our late response. You can use the SHOUTcast directory and change the filter option to search for a particular format. We use 3rd party directories and we can’t control the features they implement. Because of that we can’t easily provide that option on the player. We would love to provide that option just not possible with the directories we have. Thank you!

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