Connections problems on Droid X after Android 2.2 "Froyo" Uprgrade.

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Streams constantly stop after not even playing for 15 - 20 seconds. Did not have problem prior to upgrade.


Closing this post as it is an old post and newer version of Android have resolved various issues.
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Thanks for your feedback on this issue. Please help us identify the issue by answering the following questions:

1. Does this issue happen with AAC streams? Maybe MPEG streams?
2. Does this happen with every radio station? If not, could you post the url you are having issues with?
I've had the same or at least similar issue since I received froyo (FRF91) on my nexus one (T-mobile USA), with Xiialive.

Mainly happens when on 3G:

Start any stream (mp3 stream for example di.fm), if it starts to buffer it will get stuck, if you pick stop, it will be stuck on STOPPING infinitely... only way to get the player working again is to go into androids applications task manager force stop.

Basically I cannot use Xiialive on 3G it always stops and gets stuck on "stopping". It was also on your previous build force closing a lot but seems to no do that any more with the latest build. Using it on wifi works good, not many issues.

I really love this streaming audio player especially since has a decent UI and great set of features, just wish it was usable over 3G. With the problems I am having I am very surprised more people don't have the same issue... is it specific to my Nexus One or is maybe just Froyo?

I should also mention that Xiialive worked flawlessly prior to Froyo upgrade on my Nexus One.


Our apologies for the issues you are having. The reason possibly why things have changed are because the Android Media framework changed with Froyo creating a couple unexpected issues like the ones you are having. I haven't heard about this issues it might be with Nexus One and Droid X only. I'll try to better investigate this issue... Our goal is to provide users with a solid streaming experience, but with Android versions changing is hard to keep up.
Please see if the issue persists in XiiaLive v2.1.5.
I am still having the issue that I mentioned below. However I have isolated it to playing Premium Streams from DI.fm and Sky.fm. The premium streams get stuck on "stopping" if I switch to another station/channel even in 2.15. The free streams work just fine over 3G. Thanks for your update to the program, and the other fixes.
I'm having the same problem. Froyo on N1. Streams play fine untill you click "stop" at which point they hang indefinitely. Hope theres a fix.. or I'd like my $$ back. =(
I'm having the same issue, would like my money back too as I will go back to mediayou player, it's not as sexy as this app but it works where as this player freezes on 'stopping' and you have to fully reboot the phone.
Hi guys we are looking into this area... Please stay put at this forum for any updates. Thanks for your patience.
Hi guys does this issue persist in v2.1.7?

When I played aac+ streams in version 2.1.7 on Samsung I5500 with Android 2.1, I didn’t had any issues. After official update from Samsung to Android 2.2, hard reset and reinstall of application, my aac+ streams don’t play anymore. The player is trying to connect and after some attempts, it give up. Now I’m able to play only mp3 streams... :(

Has this issue continued?  Have you tried using the Internal stream engine?

I tested the new engine. First 5-10 minutes the sound was good, then it go jerky.

Closing this post as it is an old post and newer version of Android have resolved various issues.