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Dropbox Integrated Backup

jediguy 9 years ago updated by Ralph 8 years ago 1
I have been using the iOS app on my iPhone the app seems to working great thus far. However, I normally listen to the same stations on my iPhone and iPad so keeping up with a favorite and tag library on both devices is not practical. I know the architecture of iOS also makes it hard to put a good backup or sync method in place. I don't think the backup method used on android is even possible with iOS. How about allowing an optional integration with Dropbox for the purpose of backup and sync of tags and favorites? I've seen this kind of backup and sync system with a lot with password keeper apps and it works great. I think for this to work it was just involve going through setup with Dropbox in order to authorize the app to work with Dropbox. Ultimately, if implemented, when Xiialive is installed on a new device, the user would just need activate Dropbox sync and then all of their favorites and tags would be synced to the app. One step further would be if the app synced with Dropbox anytime changes are made to the favorites and tags library. This could also be a way to implement the same backup and sync system on both android and iOS.
Under review

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