Ogg streaming decoding problems

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I'm using the free version 2.2.4 and I'm experiencing problems with OGG streams.
I listen to this stream http://listen.tbrn.net:8888/tbrn.ogg.m3u, it's an independent station that usually streams shows from archives. The problems is that everytime a new show starts the audio decoding becomes full of errors with hisses and robotic/alien sound (like when you get a bad signal from digital tv) , solution is to stop and restart the stream.
Two are the things that could cause the problem:
- since the bitrate seems variable when there's a change of show from their part in the 1sec pause the bitrate drops to near 0 and then back to normal and the decoder could  have problems with this (unlikely since there could be silent parts in every show)
- the most reasonable one is that this happens everytime a description of the stream changes since its concurrent with a beginning of a new show/program.

Thank you


I have tested the reported streams with the latest version of XiiaLive v3.2.0.8 and everything seems to be working fine. If anyone still having issues please let me know. For now I'll be closing this post as fixed.
This issue does not happen with the ocremix stream on my phone.  That stream seems to work very well and I listen to it often with xiia.  The problem does happen on the kafuka (board2) station for me (HTC Incredible 1).  I am running the pro version if that helps.
do they both change text with new content?
I'm currently trying to reproduce the noted issue and gather all the information needed so that the developer working on the internal stream engine can resolve.
Thank you ;)anyway it happens with android engine too
Currently we are working on a brand new release of XiiaLive and haven't had time to resolve this issue.  However we have added this issue to our issues/bug list so that it will be resolved after we release XiiaLive v3.0.0.
I'm using XiiaLive Lite and am unable to access an OGG stream, yet am able to access an MP3 stream.  I figure since both of these streams are hosted by my personal Icecast server, this could be useful for debugging purposes:


Is there an ETA on this fix?  I see Jona mentioned a new version, is there an ETA on that?  Thanks for all your hard work!  I anxiously await streaming OGG on my phone.
Hey Mattew, I tried your ogg link on my PC but it doesn't work. Is it a valid link? In regards to a fix well we are working on v3.0.0 update. It's a big update! So for that version I'm not sure if this will be fixed since we are trying to finish ASAP... no ETA for release yet.  However we will be revamping the stream engine and we will try to resolve this bug.
Jona, both links work for me.  I'm using VLC to play them and haven't tried other players, so it's possible that the M3U file is not playable by all players.  Or perhaps it's a difference between the slashes used in Windows and GNU/Linux?  My friend and I both have listened to these stations using VLC on GNU/Linux, but maybe the M3U file needs to be written in a certain way to be portable.  Anyway, I'd try VLC if you haven't already.  If it still doesn't work, I can look into a different M3U file.  Thanks for looking into this!
What I see the ogg playlist returns is none valid URL links:
Tantric/Live Your Life (Down).ogg
Tantric/I Don't Care.ogg
Tantric/I'll Stay Here.ogg
Tantric/All To Myself.ogg
Tantric/Hate Me.ogg
Tantric/Inside Your Head.ogg
Correct, all the files inside are given a relative path to the songs.  I tried changing the slashes to MS-DOS style ones, but that didn't work.  My friend just tested it using mplayer on GNU/Linux and said both streams worked.  What player are you using?  What OS?  I don't have any Windows machines nearby, but I can try one later.
Are you trying to play local files? Cause if that's the case I'm not sure we have that working :P  I believe the slashes doesn't matter they will be read properly by the app.
No... at least, I don't think so.  I am able to play the OGG stream remotely with VLC player, so I assume that other players can do the same.
In the latest release the ogg stream (icecast stream) fails if authentication username and password have been set.
We never supported OGG authenticated streams. But we are almost done with the new stream engine that will support authentication, pausing and seeking.
I have tested the reported streams with the latest version of XiiaLive v3.2.0.8 and everything seems to be working fine. If anyone still having issues please let me know. For now I'll be closing this post as fixed.