Track display needs a little work

Paddy Landau 10 lat temu 0
The track display shows only one line, which means it has to scroll horizontally to show the artist and title.

For long displays, it takes a frustratingly long time to be able to read the whole line.

An example, which takes 40 seconds to show:

Johann Friedrich Franz Burgmüller (1806–1874) – 18 'Etudes de genre' per pianoforte Op. 109 (24:47) {+info: veniceclassicradio.eu}

I understand why some people may like the current display — it's large and therefore easy to read at a distance.

Please offer an option to reduce the font size and display the details over two or more lines, scrolling vertically in the unusual event that there still is insufficient space.

As an extra note, please review the font used, as some characters are displayed incorrectly. In the above example (taken from XiiaLive Beta), the ü is displayed as a triangle containing a question mark. I don't know how to post a screenshot.