Different Sorting Methods for Favorites

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Currently the favorites system allows for sorting based on category and the number of plays for the station.  When a large number of stations is in one categaory the sort by number of plays method can become confusing. I suggest adding an option the user can select to sort stations alphabetically. 



XiiaLive v3 now has a lot of new options for filtering and sorting your stations and songs!

Will be answered

Thanks for your feedback! We are currently working on providing new filtering options.  So you will actually be able to do exactly that! :) 

Great, looking forward to what lies ahead!  Thanks!

Is there any update to when the new favorites filtering options will be added?  I believe this will greatly improve the usability of favorites in the app.

We are currently working on XiiaLive v3 which will contain all the filtering you ever need! :) The ETA for release is hard to say but we are hoping end of Nov.

These are the filter options we want to add: 

  • alphabetical order
  • play count
  • last played
  • date added
  • audio format
  • audio quality
  • bitrate range
  • bitrate cap
If you think of other filter options you like to see please let me know! :)
Wow, that's a lot of options. Honestly the only one I need is alphabetical, but the more the better. Looking forward to the release!
Good afternoon, just wanted to check and see if you guys have an ETA on the new version yet.  I'm actually switched to TuneIn Radio for the time being.  I have a number of stations in my presets/favorites and their service allows for drag and drop folder sorting making any method of organization possible.
New beta will be release soon... Hopefully this week...
Okay I'll keep an eye out.  I'll probably try it out on my tablet first as I need a good radio streamer for it.  Thanks
Is the new version going to have better support for tablets?  I'm currently using TuneIn Radio on my tablet as Xiia Live doesn't display very well on it at all.
our goal is to make XiiaLive designed for tablets and google tv.  Initial release will not be 100% optimized for tablet but will look a lot better than current version.
Good afternoon developers, just wanted to check in and see if there's any news on the upcoming version.  I have about 80 stations in my internet radio library and used your software previously, but the favorites system just got too cumbersome.  I switched to TuneIn Radio until the new version with more favorites sorting options is released.  The current version's sort by number of plays system just didn't work well for me.  That said, I think you guys have an amazing product with one of the best streaming engine's available.  Will there be a beta soon for the new version soon?  I'd be glad to try out a beta as long as there's no risk to my phone.

XiiaLive v3 now has a lot of new options for filtering and sorting your stations and songs!