No metadata over bluetooth

ans ris (ansris) 8 years ago updated by Kazi Raihan Zafar 8 years ago 13

What device do you have?

Huawei P8 Lite

What OS version is it running?

Android 5.0.1

What happened?
no songs metadata are send over bluetooth (all configuration are rigth...)

What did you expect to have happened?
I think there is an issue with lollipop or maybe with Huawei EMUI...

What steps reproduce the issue?
No step is needed... the problem is always on



Hey, we recently released a new version This release improved various things and included a change that might actually resolve this issue. Please let me know.

Under review

Hey thanks for the bug report. Do you see any metadata in the app player page confirming that the station is providing metadata?

Please also check your settings. Try enabling or disabling AVRCP metadata option under App Control settings.

It might also be something that has to do with the BT device you are using. Are you able to see any metadata when using Google Music for example? What BT device do you have?

hi! i have a Sony Automotive car radio... it's capable to display metadata because i can read it via Android Stock MediaPlayer and... with my previous smartphone (Wiko Rainbow Kitkat), metatada were displayed also on xiialive!
The AVRCP settings are ok... also the lockscreen but, i notice that sometimes the lockscreen control does not appear on my lockscreen...
hope this help to solve the problem !

You might need to trigger a bug report right after you connect to a new station and metadata is loaded on the app. The bug report would hopefully contain some information about your device which is making metadata data sending impossible.

You can trigger the bug report from XiiaLive settings. This will prepare an email with the bug report information. On the bug report email please paste the URL to this forum post. That will make it easy for me to connect the dots. Thanks!

bug report sent, with this URL as comment, hope this help !!!
please let me know if i can give more support to solve the problem !


Hey, we recently released a new version This release improved various things and included a change that might actually resolve this issue. Please let me know.

sorry... metadata still non being displayed... how can i help you ?

Under review

Ok, so lets start from scratch. On the "Huawei P8 Lite" please try using the stock media player. Also, if you can try Play Music from Google. I want to see if these apps are sending metadata properly to the BT device "Huawei EMUI".

Please note that internally we are using the APIs that Android gives us to send this metadata to BT units. This works on all the BT units we have tested. So this might be some type of issue with the BT device.

Please make sure the following settings are set:

  • Lock screen controls ON
  • AVRCP metadata OFF (This is a hack to send metadata as if the app was the stock media player)

the stock media player send metadata properly... this evening i will try AVRCP metadata OFF because i have set it to ON... I had bed interpretation of this... sorry
i write back tomorrow moring, thank you soo much

hi... i have no good news!
I confirm that the stock media player send correctly metadata over bluetooth, with xiialive i tryed both option AVRCP MetaData OFF and ON, with Lockscreen control option always set to on and that's what happens:

with AVRCP MetaData ON i can switch from track title, artist and album name but i can read on the car radio: NO TITLE, NO ARTIST, NO ALBUM...
with AVRCP MetaData OFF i can read on car radio display "0" as track name, and i cannot switch between other information

in 2015 i had a wiko rainbow with the same car radio and metadata were displayed properly... so now i changed only the smartphone...

if can i do something else to help you please let me know !

thanks a lot !

I have similar problem with galaxy note 4 not working while my older galaxy note 2 Metadata does show up on mazda 3 display. Incoming phone calls show up fine. Just missing the artist and song.

Can you let me know the exact Android version your Note 4 has? Thanks!

Hello, Same problem I just switched to the new Huawei P9, no metadata info on my Porsche PCM display. Used to work fine on my older HTC M8. Now I get no Track title/name no artist info! Any help in regard would be appreciated.

Android version 6.0 and Huawei EMUI V4.1
All google music and all other built-in media player shows track, title etc. I have the Xiialive Pro - but it shows not metadata.