Maximum buffer size?

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I was wondering what's the maximum buffer size on XiiaLive. It says you can increase it in the "pro" version, but I'm wondering what's the maximum size for it. Can i make it 10 minutes? Cool feature would be to be able to schedule start time (for example start buffering 10 minutes on workdays at 7am or similar, so when you drive to work, you won't have any buffering during whole trip).



The current maximum buffer size is 10 seconds for devices running Android 2.2 and 30 seconds older Android versions. Yes, its definitely not big enough! :( So, we do have plans to make it bigger maybe up to 60 seconds. Besides that, we actually are thinking of some new idea, that I can't disclose now, that will most certainly resolve your issues... :)

Update 05/13/11:

XiiaLive v2.1.8 now supports a larger buffer! :)

Any updates on the buffer size increase? Most stations continually re-buffer
Working on the next update as I write this :) I hope to have a larger buffer. What phone do you have?
Any updates on this case? Loving this great app!
I'm using a Desire with Froyo. I'm always listening Webradio in the car. Most parts of Germany have 3G coverage, where 10 secs are usually enough. But when I'm doing long distance trips on the Autobahn there is only EDGE available. Unfortunately cell handover won't work at such high travel speeds, that regularly Leeds to connection loss. A bigger buffer size might help...?
It wasn't safe to release on v2.1.6 new buffering lengths... We are doing a maintenance update soon, but I can't promise it will be on that update... Once this maintenance update goes out the next one will have larger buffer length for sure!
Sure wish I could see at least a 30 second buffer.  It's been months now since this has been requested...  This would truly make xiia my favorite radio app.
I pretty much bought xiiaLive for that reason and I'm very disapointed. 2 mores seconds is way too low ...

I'd like to use it in my car while going to work every day but I just can't, it stops playing every now and then along the trip.

I really hope you'll implement this soon, to me this is the only drawback of XiiaLive!

Yes, you are completely correct! This coming update will have 60 sec max buffer and other great little feature to help you diagnose any connection issues. Plus most likely beta windows media streaming engine and ogg.
Jona, when will this update with the 60 sec buffering likely be ready?
At the very latest end of April.  But I'm hoping to get this out sooner...
Hi, really looking forward to this feature too - any updates?
Increasing buffer size is the reason I bought the app.

The current maximum buffer size is 10 seconds for devices running Android 2.2 and 30 seconds older Android versions. Yes, its definitely not big enough! :( So, we do have plans to make it bigger maybe up to 60 seconds. Besides that, we actually are thinking of some new idea, that I can't disclose now, that will most certainly resolve your issues... :)

Update 05/13/11:

XiiaLive v2.1.8 now supports a larger buffer! :)

Thanks for the update to increase the Prebuffer length.

Unfortunately I'm still having some problems while travelling - still dropouts for a few seconds, every 10 minutes or so.     I wonder if being able to increase the Buffer length as well as the Prebuffer length would help?

No, it won't help since once the stream is disconnected the buffers are consumed completely. Once consumed than the reconnect request is started. We are going to test better reconnection methods soon.
Checkout the latest beta. It contains smart auto reconnect feature that will make dropouts kinda disappear. :)
could pre-buffer value increased maximum 5 min?
Please take a look at this link about Buffer settings:

I think a 5min pre-buffer is really unneeded. With the stream caching we do you already can store up to 1hr of live radio. The only thing is you would have to press pause or seek back in time. Could you let me know why you want 5min pre-buffer? Maybe your answer could help me improve XiiaLive or maybe give you better ideas to resolve your needs. Thanks!
driving and if there is like 2 minute coverage, I don't like interrupting live radio

thats why 5min pre-buffer could solve this problem. Of course its taking lots of space but if it adjustable like now then it will be every user own decision whether use maximum value or smaller (1minute)

can you understand my point?:)
can you do improvement option?
I understand what you are saying but please know that if you had a 5 min pre-buffer you will have to wait just about 5 min before playback starts. That is a lot of time waiting for a radio to start playing... Another thing that is important to understand is that if you have that 5 min pre-buffer and you loose the connection for 2 min the re-connection would happen but you will loose 2 min of the live radio. You will than notice a big jump or a skip in playback. So you would avoid potentially having silence during those 2 min of bad connection but with a side effect of waiting 5 min before playback starts and a large 2min audio skip. Let me know if this helps. I'm always happy to try to explain and also to understand the needs of our users.

understood totally but I'm still willing to have this request:)

so if you can development this, I'll would be grateful

unfortenately I don't have coding skills to do by self from open source but if you code package, it would be nice

please let me know
I'll look into it. Even though I really believe it isn't a solution to your issue I'll look and do some tests cause this might break the cache but might be ok.
ok. well I can be beta tester if you want me to test it how it works before official release
Hello again, did you had time to test it? any result?
I'll be increasing it to 120 sec that is 2 min. I can not increase this more as this isn't really a solution to the loss of network connection. I will be looking into methods to help with such cases as the original poster suggested. A method to schedule to start recording or saving live radio minutes or hours before leaving for a commute to work.
Hey @Jupynnin, I know I said I would release with 120 sec pre-buffer, but internally we are really considering not doing this. Here is in summary the reason... :/

Your issue/request
1. You are trying to avoid a 2 minute time of bad connection.
2. You believe having a larger pre-buffer length will help improve that experience to avoid having no music playing during that duration.

Our thoughts
You are correct that having a larger buffer size will avoid having silence during the bad connection for those 2 minutes. However, regardless you will have to wait 2 minutes before playback can start. That means you tap on the radio station you want to play and you will need to wait for 2 minutes until it can start playing. So there isn't really a smart benefit to increasing it.

However, I do have an idea that could improve your experience during the bad connection area... We could add a setting to trigger going back in time for 30 sec or more when a buffer is about to be triggered. This would avoid silence and be automatic. What do you think of this idea?

--Please note that while it is a simple increase the buffer length for us this change doesn't help the majority of the app users. It makes our app a bit more confusing. The buffer settings is an area tough to understand for most users and we pretty much made it obsolete with our new stream engine which is smarter handling connection issues. I really hope you can understand...

that's what I have thinking too for solution but if you can, 120sec is fine

60minutes saving live radio is a lot and guaranteed no drops

and any methods are welcome

how to get example 1min saving and automatic playback when its full? or how to see when storage is full and ready and can start playback?

is it possible to make feature option if not already exits?
We are working on a semi big update. For this big update the change you requested will be included. I hope we can release soon but I can't provide an estimated date.
I'm waiting on some UI updates from the graphics designer... That is our main hold at the moment.. :/ Maybe a week or two. :(
question can buffer value increase , I'm not meaning pre-buffer
or do I need to just use saved station?
my poiint is that if buffer value ex.max.5min, it will do same as saved live station but then no need to wait like 5min because it will buffered
summarum: buffer handles same as saved live (requires pausing for x time) but no need to wait unless low connection
can you see my view?
will triggering cause jumping in playback? if not, I'm in

also I have question: how difficult would be scheduled recording?

I have now used saved live station and has been worked awesome.

only problem is that waiting time

so if I know when I'm going to use live station , I just could schedule and its automatic/manually start playing.
2min prebuffer didn't helped as you mentioned earlier.

but it helped. now I have question: why stream recording time is 1min, 5min not 2/3/4min anymore?

this recordind option has been solved this issue when network coverage is couple of mins down (ex.tunnel)

no problems.

but when hurry, this 5 min is too long time to wait. I mean when playing the station and pausing and waiting 5min before playing

can you get what I'm chasing?

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