Please keep the cache unless it is manually cleared

Paddy Landau 9 years ago 0
Sometimes, my phone seems to drop its WiFi connection for just a second: XiiaLive Pro turns on data guard, but when I check the phone only one or two seconds after the sound goes silent, the WiFi is already reconnected.

Pressing the play button restarts XiiaLive Pro, and I've lost only a few seconds' worth of streaming.

Unfortunately, when this happens, XiiaLive Pro clears the cache, which I have set to 60 minutes' duration.

Please would you not clear the cache when the data guard is turned on.


It would be awesome if you never cleared the cache (unless it is manually cleared — the app would need a "clear cache" button), so there is always (in my case) 60 minutes of recording that I could replay, even when out of range of my WiFi.

Restarting XiaaLive Pro after a break would simply continue adding to the cache as usual.

This could be an option in the Settings for people who do not like this idea.

Thank you.