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Alarm creates unresponsive black screen

Sean Colgan vor 9 Jahren aktualisiert von Ralph vor 8 Jahren 2
Huge fan, love the app! I have a bug report for you.

Alarm feature works in that it begins playing the selected stream at the right time. The UI though is totally black and unusable. The 'app select' button (square) is still there and usable so I can get myself out of the app and continue using the phone normally. The notification drop down controls also still work, but that's the only way to turn off the player at that point, the normal UI is unusable.

Nexus 5
Lollipop 5.1
I want to add that I suspect that it's whatever ad display system you use that locks the screen. After writing this up yesterday I went ahead and paid for the ad-free version and this morning there was no blank screen issue.
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Hi! Sorry for our late response. We recently released a new version This release improved various things and included a change that might actually resolve this issue. Any issues, please let me know.?? Thanks!