Live/Back toggle fails when Bionic is in Vehicle Dock

Terina C 12 years ago updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 10 years ago 4
When VzW Droid Bionic is in Vehicle Dock, pressing the Live/Back softkey fails to toggle display. This symptom does not occur with HD Dock or when undocked (landscape or portrait.) The bug only appears when in the Automotive Vehicle Dock.

Image 9
Thanks for the detailed post!  Are you able to reproduce this issue every time when in car mode? I have tried but no luck... What happens if you reboot your phone can you still reproduce the issue?
The Bionic is long gone now. (And none too soon: What a lemon that phone was!) Still, I have yet to find Docking accessories that come close to what Motorola used to make! After updating the Bionic ROM, the XiiaLive Back/Live toggle worked fine again. (We can probably move this questioned status to "Answered", as it would appear to have been caused by a rooted OS issue.)