New User Questions

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I have purchased the Pro version. So far I absolutely love your application! It is awesome! However, I have a couple of concerns and slight bugs to report.

1. The "back up and restore feature" for the XML files; does the backup also include all the radio URLs manually entered, and the stations saved to favorites via *.m3u files? I really don't want to start adding these only to find out I can't restore them after a factory reset.

1a. Also, (hope it's not a stupid question. I need to make sure that once I have imported the *.m3u files, I am not required to keep that file on my phone?

2. I get errors when the application tries to share the station to both my twitter and facebook (I am logged in correctly).

3. Could you consider adding the option to create folders for the songs we saved?

4. Could you also consider adding the ability to edit/add folders to stations we save (instead of the automatic defaults?

Sorry for all the questions. Keep up the good work...