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Internal Stream Engine Service

jediguy fa 13 anys updated by Jona (Lead Developer) fa 13 anys 4
I think the internal stream engine is a great feature, however after streams are stopped, it's service continues to run in the background.  As a result the app's memory footprint stays larger even when it's not streaming.  When using the android streaming engine, Xiia Live stops all it's services when the stream is stopped.
How you are determining the provided information? What tools or apps are you using? By knowing this I can possibly try to investigate if it is an issue or not...

Also, if you don't know already take a look at this post:
I'm actually just using the "Running Services" tab in Android 2.3 on my HTC Incredible.  Currently I have the app set to run the android streaming engine and have no running Xiia Live services on this tab after streams are stopped; the app is simply listed as a "cached process".  However as mentioned, when I switch to internal engine, Xiia Live displays under the "Running Services" tab even after the stream is stopped.  My assumption is that Xiia Live normally acts as a cached process unless it's actively streaming.  I've just noticed this so I haven't gotten to monitor it a lot.  Perhaps the service stops after a certain amount of time?I'm not sure. I'll update this thread if I find out anything else.  Thanks
Thanks for your reply.  Well, yes the service is cached if it was not running by Android.  Some interesting feature we have on our streaming service is a code that monitors the service and if after 30seconds it is not streaming and the app is closed it turns off the service.  This was built as an extra protection in case the app didn't close it properly.

It is certainly possible that the Internal stream engine could be working incorrectly on your phone.  Please let me know anything you find out.  If this is a bug I'll be fixing it for sure! :)
I know app behavior varies widely phone to phone on android so it's probably just specific to the phone. It's nothing major by any means, just an observation. Just keep up the development on version 3.0!