[XiiaLive Beta] Invalid parameter

Doug David 12 years ago updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 12 years ago 17
Since the last Beta update, I've been seeing Invalid Parameter errors when trying to stream from my Favorites list, seems to be older links.

Also, many stations' urls don't work shortly after saving them. In particular try GotRadio and 100Hitz stations. I'm running Galaxy Nexus. Not sure if the problem is the station url (ie they rotate IPs for some reason) or Xiia. Anyone else seeing this behavior?
Could you email me a backup you used to restore on the beta? My email jona@visualblasters.com
Well, as I look at this some more, after the 100Hitz and GotRadio links I sent you yesterday went 'stale' this morning, Xiia is reporting 'Network Unavailable' so I guess it's the broadcasters.  I think those stations are using temp IPs or urls.  I'm absolutely puzzled why inet radio stations would want to make it difficult for listeners to return to their stations. 
Doug, all of the Gotradio stations should still be available in the Shoutcast directory.
Correct but if I save them to my Favorites they don't work within a matter of hours after storing them. I don't expect to have to search for the stations I like among thousands every time I want to listen to one, that's the point of a Favorites list.
This is an interesting bug.  Are you adding the links directly from the stations list and later on streaming them? By the way I assume the error you see is "Network unreachable"?
yes, re: 'Network Unreachable' I didn't have an example in front of me at the time I posted. To add the links, I streamed the stations then hit the Add to Favorites icon.
I also found the radio stations with the invalid parameter are 181.fm the point and 181.fm 181 Party. this one seems to occur randomly but only on those 2 stations, other 181.fm stations work fine. weird
In Winamp, my weeks-old gotradio, 100Hitz and Big R Radio links still work so maybe it is xiia.
I listened to favorite stations on the way home from work today and then updated to the latest Beta when I got home. Now, none of my 22 stations work and I am getting "Invalid Parameter" for each station.


Update: I flushed the cache, deleted all the data, forced a stop and then restored my stations from the saved database. All the stations are working now.

But still ...

I did the same but still get continual '::connecting::' retries. (?!)   Which stations were hosed for you?
All of them were hosed. But they're back, at least for now. 

Let's see; CRIK FM, BigParrot, theQuizomatic, Gold Star Radio, Sky FM - 80s, and XeRW, to name a few. Now, many of those were stations I added manually with the old version of XiiaLive.
Ok! Found the "Invalid parameter" bug! Let me try to explain the bug. Essentially the currently playing playlist position is not being reset once a new stream is loaded. So if stream A has 5 playlist items/URLs and you are playing item 4 and then you load a new stream that only has 2 playlist URLs it then tries to read item 4 to play it but can't find it so the error "Invalid parameter". I have fixed it and hope to put out an update today or possibly tomorrow. You can simply select the item on the playlist to play. That should work.
Nice! so it probably has less to do with what station it is versus how many items a station typically keep in its playlist thereby making them susceptible to this bug. Kewl
Yeah, and it might have been a combination of your links where the first ones where not working and the last ones where so it was easier to reproduce the bug. By the way thanks for the email with your backup! It would have taken me a while to find this particular bug! :P
Happy to help. Thanks for being a responsive Dev team!

Hi Jona, thank you for addressing this issue. However, I have tried updating and reinstalling but the "invalid parameter" issue still exists. Can you post the APK on here or direct us to the updated build? Thanks!

New update coming out in a few days! :)