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Optimus VM670 problem

Crims 12 år siden opdateret af Jona (Lead Developer) 12 år siden 3
Okay, I'm running the Optimus V for Virgin Mobile, and a few days after I started running this app for FinalFantasyRadio.Net when I was out/about in public, I found that my phone wasn't syncing up with my Gmail and receiving texts on time. Thought this might have been a problem with VM but after doing a bit of tinkering and work, I have come to find out that this app is actually what's causing the problem.

I cleared the cache on my Gmail app, I uninstalled a couple of other apps I had installed around the same time I installed Xiia Live Lite, even cleared a bit of memory off my 2gb SD card before checking out if XLL was the problem.

Which, unfortunately, it is.


Forgot to mention my phone is unrooted, and that this problem appeared roughly between January 5th and 9th, just a few weeks ago; this was getting rather irritating as I use my phone as my primary method for new email notifications.
Thanks for the info.  I'm trying to figure out how the app could be affecting what you described but I'm not sure...  I haven't received a complain like this ever.

Ok, so just to make sure I follow your issue; you can't get your emails or text messages while you are using XiiaLive?  Or you think you just get get emails and text while XiiaLive is installed? 
It's actually when the app is just flat-out installed, which is VERY odd; there's been some speculation that LG installed a failsafe to throttle the internal memory usage when too many apps are installed that affects the auto-push for Gmail syncing.

Like I said though, XLL was the last app I uninstalled before the syncing started functioning properly again so there has to be something else going on...
Very interesting.  How much space do you have left on your phone? Have you tried installing on the external SDcard? Did you try restarting your phone? I'm sure you did but just making sure...

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