XiiaLive Beta v3.0.0.02

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New update for the beta! Mainly crash fixes. No real graphics changes for this update.

- BT auto connect options
- Max retries reached error when starting a stream for the first time.
- Search input soft keyboard double tap to open bug fixed.
- Fixed alarm crash issue.
- EQ init crash seen on a few device types. [Internal issue no EQ yet]
- Share on Twitter crash fix.
- Added facebook share option.
- Fixed home page divider lines not visible on some Android 4.x devices.
- Fixed various reported crash issues.
Are you planning to fix that icy-metadata crash when using the ffmpeg engine (as discussed from the last release)?  I tried it again on this version and it still occurs.
Yes, I do plan to fix that. Could you provide a working URL with this issue. The previous one did not work anymore.
I sent an email to support with the link
Please feel free to email me at that address if you need additional help or input or what not.  I appreciate you taking the time to look at it.


after 1 month can not log and same in new beta to the live stream: love tdi Radio beograd

it come error media player.


Could you explain a little more what issue you are having? Thanks!
Testing on Droid X2 rooted, stock rom while driving in my car (in a car dock).  I get periodic audio 'hangs-studder' on 128k mpeg streams with android stable and beta engines. (Sounds like a machine gun firing extremely fast if that makes sense)  If I switch to FFmpeg, its just a constant buffer.  Seems to happen when switching from one cell site to another and the buffer indicator drops in the red.  If I go back to the prior beta version, I don't have this problem.

Hello, I'm a big fan of xiialive from South Korea.

I've been using new beta version of xiialive, I can't activate sleep timer.

When I touch sleep timer icon in player screen, It doesn't work anyway.

It's a good function when I go to bed.

Please tell me how to do with it.


Awesome! The beta currently doesn't have the sleep timer available. :(  Soon it will be added! :)
New beta has the same issues I posted in the thread dedicated to the previous beta version.

I installed this beta on my Dell Steak 7 tablet with Honeycomb 3.2. Mp3 streams work perfectly but aacplus streams sound like they are on fast forward after about 5 minutes of playback (I believe it's related to the stream cache because it's set to 5 minutes). This doesn't happent on xiialive v2. I also extracted the apk and installed it on my Samsung Galaxy Fit with Gingerbread 2.3.6. It works flawlessly except aacplus streams that have the same problems I reported last weeks, also on the topic dedicated to the previous beta. This also happens on v2.
Yes, unfortunately this seems like it might become an issue on some devices. We are going to develop the seek/pause/longer cache support on our FFMpeg engine and will actually make the stable engine be the XiiaLive v2 stream engine. Than the Android (Beta) will become the seek support engine.
Is it possible to get a direct download of the .apk?  I do not have the android market on my phone and would like to test the beta.  Thank you,
Thanks for your request. Unfortunately the betas will only be available on Google Play for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Hello, Thank you. Always a great application
I'm sorry is not good in English.

The new version of the Widget transmission options are supported?
Lock screen player for Android4.x are supported?

Thank you for reading.
I'm guessing you are referring to the widget showing streaming status information? If you are that hasn't been touched.  What issues are you seeing?

About the lock screen player. There seem to be some issues where the player controls aren't being shown on some cases.  We are trying to fix that.
I have installed Favorits. When I try to install XiiaLive beta it is telling me my device is not compatible. I am using Android version 2.2.1 on a Samsung I500 which from what I have read should work. Can someone help?
Oh, yes the last release supports only Android 2.3 as the lowest. However next beta will support 2.2!

XPERIA X10i v2.3.3 std and still getting "Alarm failed to be scheduled!" when attempting to set an alarm.

Sorry for the super delayed reply! :(  Could you create a new post about this issue? Please provide how you are reproducing the issue. Thanks!