Android 4.4 Kit Kat / Nexus 5 unable to connect to streams

Mark R 11 year бұрын updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 11 year бұрын 7

So I just got my N5 and love the device.

But.. can't listen to streams.

Looks like Google changed something in 4.4.

A workaround is to use the FFMpeg engine.

Happy to test patches if you need me to.



Issue has been resolved and now available as v3.0.3.2.

Update notes:



Thanks for the info. I did notice the issue a few days ago and have been trying to figure out a solution. As soon as I get a fix I will do an update.

This would be greatly appreciated! Love my N5, but lost streaming today :( I've been using the free version and realized how much I like the app when I couldn't use it. I may buy it once it's fixed.

Did not fix anything for me. Just to confirm I did get an update because it may have updated during the night. In app info I have version

Still have to use the FFMpeg engine instead of Android.

(doesn't seem to make a difference really?)

Understood. All that is on Google play is .1 so I guess I have to wait for the store to catch up.

Thanks again!


Just saw that it updated to .2

Confirming it does work now.


Hey guys finally was able to resolve the issue and an update is already rolling out! :)