favourite category customizations

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i'm luky to have met this app right hig in advance, so first of all thank you for your work!

Then, what i'd need is to have the possibility to create custom category in favourites, and fit stations in the folder i prefer, since actually similar genres coming from various casts have divided into many folders, and i can only go into "all" that is not good if i.e. i want listen to techno and forwarding it goes into pop and then house...

Maybe even it is possible and i am not able to do it, because i'm using this app for 2 days

Off topic: enlarge volume bar and reduce playing one to a slim bar, it is so obvious to use into car! I prefer older themes, anyway 4 are few but all should have always volume ready to touch, maybe on two lines, one for eq etc and a bigger one for volume set on bottom horizontally

Hello Pip! We do apologize for the late response. Thank you appreciate your feedback! Interesting idea you've got there! We'll be forwarding this to our developers for further review. Thank you!